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Right Thoracentesis - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing
This image may only be used in support of a single legal proceeding and for no other purpose. Read our License Agreement for details. To license this image for other purposes, click here.
Right Thoracentesis
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Right Thoracentesis - Medical Illustration, Human Anatomy Drawing
This medical exhibit is an anterior silhouette view from the neck to the waist of an African American female. The lungs, ribcage, diaphragm, liver and kidneys are shown. In the right thoracic cavity has 1300 cc of serosanguinous fluid that is represented in a pinkish color. Beside the illustration are three inserts demonstrating a thoracentesis procedure. The first is a lateral view and shows the figure from the neck to just above the waist. The skin is drawn semi-transparently so that the ribs, liver and a kidney are visible. Also, pinkish serosanguinous fluid is visible beneath the skin. Hands are shown placing a thoracentesis catheter below the eighth rib. The second insert is an enlarged cutaway view of the chest wall where a thoracentesis needle is being inserted just above the rib. The third insert is an enlargement of the first insert and focuses on thoracentesis catheter. Arrows show the direction of fluid as it is withdrawn during the procedure.

Placement of a Thoracentesis Needle
Placement of a Thoracentesis Needle - si55551316
Medical Illustration
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Thoracentesis and Thoracotomy Procedures
Thoracentesis and Thoracotomy Procedures - exh42640b
Medical Exhibit
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Surgeries (Right Lung Thoracentesis and Right Shoulder Decompression)
Surgeries (Right Lung Thoracentesis and Right Shoulder Decompression) - exh76830b
Medical Exhibit
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Lateral Thoracentesis Hemothorax Evacuation
Lateral Thoracentesis Hemothorax Evacuation - GQ00013
Medical Illustration
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Thoracentesis Hemothorax Evacuation Detail
Thoracentesis Hemothorax Evacuation Detail - GQ00014
Medical Illustration
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Left Pleural Effusion with Thoracentesis
Left Pleural Effusion with Thoracentesis - exh77089b
Medical Exhibit
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What attorneys say about MLA and The Doe Report:
"Thanks, and your illustrations were effective in a $3 million dollar verdict last Friday."

Joseph M. Prodor
Trial Lawyer
White Rock, British Columbia
"Our practice involves medical negligence cases exclusively. We have six attorneys and one physician on staff. We have used Medical Legal Art's staff for every one of our cases over the past 12 years and have found their services to be extraordinary. The transformation of medical records into powerful graphic images has without fail been handled expertly, expeditiously and effectively translating into superb results for our clients, both in the courtroom and in settlement. Every case can benefit from their excellent work and we unqualifiedly recommend their services. They are the best!"

Chris Otorowski
Morrow and Otorowski
Bainbridge Island, Washington

"For modern audiences, it is absolutely essential to use medical demonstrative evidence to convey the severity and extent of physical injuries to a jury. Your company's high quality illustrations of our client's discectomy surgery, combined with strong expert testimony, allowed the jury to fully appreciate the significance of our client's injuries.

We are very pleased with a verdict exceeding $297,000.00, far in excess of the $20,000.00 initially offered by the defendant. The medical demonstrative evidence provided by Medical Legal Art was an asset we could not have afforded to have been without."

Todd J. Kenyon
Attorney at Law
Minneapolis, MN

"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Medical Legal Art. We have used their services for three years and always found their professionalism, quality of work, and timely attention to detail to exceed our expectations. We recently settled two complicated catastrophic injury cases. One medical malpractice case involving a spinal abscess settled for 3.75 million and the other involving injuries related to a motor vehicle accident settled for 6.9 million. We consider the artwork provided by MLA to have been invaluable in helping us to successfully conclude these cases.

I highly recommend MLA to anyone seeking high quality, detailed medical legal artwork."

E. Marcus Davis, Esq.
Davis Zipperman, Krischenbaum & Lotito
Atlanta, GA

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